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Spring has come.


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 Exchange Salon 2017   Jan.—Mar. Program
 Let's talk with a person of various countries and will understand each other.
"YOKOSO to Funabashi No.5" issued
We have released "Yokoso (Welcome to Funabashi) No.4" full of useful information for living in Funabashi city. please visit to the site.
Please read a Booklet for Disaster Prevention of FUNABASHI
Please read a Booklet for Disaster Prevention of FUNABASHI, and let's prepare for a disaster.
The “My Number” Individual Number system will begin January 2016
They are required for procedures at municipal offices, etc. instead of Resident Register Code (Juminhyo Code)
Photo. of Japanese Nature by Gaku-san 
Let's show you a Japanese nature and a scenery of the downtown with a photo
by Mr. Gaku.  
Japanese class in each Kominkan  
Japanese Class held in each Kominkan is availabe.
 Postponement of Citizen gathering for International relation in Funabashi

Citizen gathering informed at General meeting of FIRA will be postponed due
to several reasons.

We sincerely apologize all members of FIRA who are looking forward it.

We will inform again the date, place, and contents through the FIRA News
and the Home page of FIRA when it is fixed.

Committee of International relations



Funabashi International Relations Association   Minato-cho 2-10-25, Funabashi City  TEL:047-436-2083  FAX:047-436-2089