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Area: Approx.  9,983 square kilometers.@Population Approx. 6.7 million

Shaanxi Province, China@iApril 26, 1988 Friendship Promotion City Affiliationj
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   iNovember 2, 1994 Friendship City Affiliationj


Where is itH

It is located in the central part of  Shaanxi Province of China and the capital of the Province.


It was the ancient city founded on the south bank of Weihe River, the largest tributary of Huanghe River.


Now it is the center of politics, economy and culture in north-west district of China


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What sort of city is itH

In the Chinese history of several thousands years, Xi'an is the ancient capital enjoyed its prosperity for 2 thousand years starting from 12th century BC till 10th century for 13 Dynasties.


Until the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 10th century the city had been called Chang'an.


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sianpic1.jpg (46042 oCg)
Bird's-eye View of Xi'an
sianpic2.jpg (24061 oCg)
Palace of Tang Dynasty
sianpic3.jpg (54682 oCg)
Memorial Hall of 
Chinese and Japanese

In Tang period Chang'an was the east starting point of Silk Road and flourished as an international city with million population.

In those days several thousands of foreigners such as merchants, students, priests etc. from various countries including Japan are said to have been living there.

Because of such long history the city is called as a treasure house of cultural heritage of mankind.

Lots of historic spots  remain including the tomb of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty which recently attracted world public attention.

Thus the city is designated as "world historical city" by UNESCO. 

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sianpic4.jpg (31424 oCg)
Buddhist Temple forthe Imperial Family in Tang Period
sianpic5.jpg (67650 oCg)
South Main Street of Xi'an

Xi'an nowadays is well-known in China as the base for higher education.

There are 42 universities and technical colleges, 100 institutions that can confer doctorate and 300 institutions that can confer master's degree. The city is the cradle for talent both in name and reality.

It is also the base for scientific and technological research and development having more than 3000 research organizations for machinery, power, electronics, aviation, space, geology, chemical industry, fiber, equipments, instruments, nuclear industry etc. 

Together with Nara and Kyoto, Japanese ancient capitals, Funabashi City has friendship city affiliation with Xi'an.


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